Limmat Atelier: Sustainable, unique

Handmade by Limmat Atelier for wooden city maps

In the heart of Zurich, Limmat Atelier creates sustainable Swiss craftsmanship for your home. Our vision: To immortalize the beauty of our favorite cities in all their details in unique murals.

  • Handcrafted: Our products are made by hand and with attention to detail.
  • Local: We develop and produce our products entirely in Switzerland and only use raw materials from Europe.
  • Sustainable: Our products are made from sustainable materials, we reduce our footprint wherever possible

Our history
Because we are curious at heart and want to get to know each place in its own way, we love exploring new places away from the classic sights. Unique maps of many places in Switzerland and around the world have been created in our heads for years.
The idea for Limmat Atelier came about one day when we were talking about a long-ago trip. We were fascinated by how many memories came back from different places in the city. We spontaneously began to draw a map of the city using pen and paper. We loved how this meant that with each additional detail, a new memory seemed to emerge.
After many attempts with different cards, designs and production methods, we finally had a first version of our memories hanging on the wall. This didn't go unnoticed by our family and friends and we soon received the first compliments and questions about whether we wanted to make this or that city - Limmat Atelier was born.
Maps are more than just a way to find a way from A to B. They keep memories alive in familiar places and encourage exploration in unknown places. We capture these feelings for you in a piece of craftsmanship.